San Diego Rostra: El Cajon Councilman Bill Wells on ECPAC

Shortly after the latest entire brouhaha started with ECPAC, El Cajon Councilman Bill Wells published a short commentary about the future of ECPAC.  It would seem that the he is following through on his word.

Councilman Wells has truly embodied the concept of “government by the people, for the people) in following up on his commitment to work proactively with members of the ECPAC Foundation, along with Councilmen McClellan and Kendrick.  Councilman Tony Ambrose truly stepped up to the plate by inviting our group to make a proposal to bring the theater back to life.

Here is what Councilman Wells wrote:

“I’ve had a lot of calls about the UT article regarding the “razing” of the ECPAC. I want to weigh in and say that to my mind, there is long ways to go before this was to happen. The current proposal is to build a hotel on the site, which would include a new performing arts center. I have to admit that a major hotel in Downtown El Cajon would be welcome, but I’m still not sure how it would be financed, or if that proposed site is a given. There is a lot of discussion that has yet to occur. Remember also, that the whole equation has changed since the state has disbanded the Redevelopment Agency. In light of this it is premature to think that ECPAC will be torn down.

I do agree that something must be done about ECPAC. We are currently working on several possible solutions. As always, the entire El Cajon City Council and I have the best interests of the community in mind. I am also personally aware of how important this theater is to so many in this community. I promise that I will keep this fact in mind as we go through the process. I will also keep you all informed as much as I possibly can, as to all of the developments.”

Yes, Virginia, this IS government by the people, for the people.


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