“Back To The Future”

Some ten years ago, the Arts Center Foundation (ACF), the second management entity to run the theater from 1999-2005, solicited a local architect to come up with a rendering that would show how the theater would look with its entrance moved to Main Street.  In retrospect, this reimagined concept of a new entrance looks very dated and archaic some ten years later.  Thank goodness the ACF couldn’t get the money to change the front of the theater to this design and concept.

This design would have clashed with the clean lines of the other buildings which were built as a part of this “superblock” (including City Hall and the Courthouse) in 1977.


One thought on ““Back To The Future”

  1. Ray Lutz says:

    Would not be possible today because the theater building can’t be touched without a bunch of seismic and ADA upgrades. The ECPAC Foundation is proposing a separate building with more restrooms and concessions and a fenced in patio called the “Backstage Patio” See our complete plan here: http://www.copswiki.org/Common/M1269

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