10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…We have ignition…Blastoff!


In front of the dusty, shuttered box office windows, core members of the ECPAC Foundation led a press conference announcing their handoff of a proposal to the El Cajon City Manager, Doug Williford, to reopen and manage the East County Performing Arts Center.

The press conference was attended by local journalists including veteran ABC10 reporter Jen Chatsfield and KUSI ch. 9/51, and East County Magazine. Ray Lutz, co-founder of the ECPAC Foundation, expressed his desire that the City of El Cajon put the same effort and energy into negotiating with the ECPAC Foundation, that it put into a six-month agreement with local developer Neal Arthur to discuss razing the the 33-year old theater. In late May, the City of El Cajon rescinded its earlier vote allowing discussion of plans to demolish the theater. Instead, City Council member, Tony Ambrose, invited the ECPAC Foundation to submit a theater management proposal.

After the press conference, the group walked into the second floor conference room of the City Manager where the principals of the group discussed the main points of the proposal. 

The group will reconvene in the near future to continue discussions.


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