El Cajon city officials tried to get the a group of community members excited over their plans for the kickoff of their centennial celebration on November 12th.  But what they also got was an earful about how the almost three-year shuttered East County Performing Arts Center is likely to be dark come November 12th.

In a four minute oration after a presentation about the city’s celebration plans, local community activist Ray Lutz harshly lashed out and criticized the City of El Cajon’s Public Information Officer, Monica Zech, and other members of the city staff who organized the presentation for excluding the shuttered theater in its plans. He reminded and lambasted the group of community activists the irony that the original promoters of the event, the El Cajon City Council, announced plans in late March to demolish the theater and actively work with a local developer to develop a hotel on the site of the present theater, yet is using arts and music as a focal point of its celebration plans. “This is a real black eye to the city to leave this asset….this jewel…that everyone knows about….excluded from the events,” he said. “You should be mentioning the East County Performing Arts Center as a significant part of this valley. It is a whole part of the structure of downtown,” Lutz continued.

Hear it here:



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